Saturday, 24 March 2012

Definitely a Journey

Each of us in our own way experiences life as a journey. Most often these journeys are driven by wealth, beauty and spirituality. To be able to work for a better occupation or to discipline ourselves to tune into our spirituality --we all have a right to experience this journey. 

Cancer along with many other deadly diseases takes this right away from many of our family and friends. With the advancements in medical and communication technology we, as human beings, have been able to fund preventative and curative research for the most recognized diseases. Yet, it's 2012 and we still know very little about pancreatic cancer.

According to the Charity Intelligence Canada 2011 report patients diagnosed early only have a 9% survival rate. While other diseases are researching for cures, pancreatic cancer research is still in the midst of diagnostic and detection research. Doctors have no means of detecting this disease until most patients are within their late stage. This is not a surprise since in Canada this disease is in need of the most research funding (see chart below). It's a sad fact and definitely something personal for me.

This May I will be running a half marathon to raise awareness and support research for pancreatic cancer. I am by no means anyone who can run and a mere 5K has already proved to be a challenge for me. This is the journey I choose to face in order to help those who have had their own life journey cut.

Please help by sponsoring my half marathon through a direct donation to Pancreatic Cancer Canada. I avidly advocate supporting different causes; however, while each of us have our own journeys I hope that at the very least you can consider mine.

Genuinely grateful & sincerely yours,
Maria Bernardo

Thursday, 1 March 2012

PanCancer Fighters Team Lunch!

The Pancreatic Cancer Fighters team running the BMO half marathon will be getting together this Saturday at 1pm for lunch on Commercial Drive. If you are interested in joining the team please email

We look forward to your support during the journey to run our first ever half marathon.

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