Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Volunteer in 2014!

It seems to take a holiday season for some people to consider our community. It makes complete sense that it does since now is a time that we spend time with our families and those we love. And so undoubtedly we think of those who aren't able to experience the warmth and love we have ourselves - we act on this feeling of privilege.
This has been the case for me. Being socially aware and empathetic to those who have less has always been in my nature. It stems from a sense of privilege being in an opportunity filled country, having a supportive family and a healthy well being. This is the premise that Median is based on. The feeling of privilege and paying it forward.  If you are also looking for a way to act up on your sense of gratitude or simply want to support your community I would love to meet you!

Median is looking for professionals and new graduates looking for experience who want to give back to society. Volunteer commitments range from being project or event specific to monthly set hours. Please contact me if you are interested at maria@medianfundraising.com

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Event Financial Release

With the help of our event sponsors and the 80 attendees including Vancouver Councillor George Affleck Vancouver's inaugural Charity Craft Fair raised $752.33 for Pancreatic Cancer Canada.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Wealth during the Holidays

Wealth as a Life Goal

During the Holidays is even more evident how important it is to achieve wealth in life. My definition of wealth isn't one intrinsically attached to money. Money is paper --- a piece of fiber, colored, and now stamped with seals. Paper doesn't become of value until we attach value to it. Wealth, for me, is defined as a balance of the money you need to survive and more importantly the people & relationships that give life value. There is no purpose for money -- or dare say, living until we have a purpose in life.  And this is the notion of wealth that I strive to achieve this holiday season.

With the current chaos of organizing a charity craft fair , which initiated with the sole intention of supporting the amazing organizations in our community in time for the holidays, I've been criticized and questioned for not being able to generate a revenue on the event. To be completely honest, I've spent more money than I am expensing on this event. And to be even more honest, while I realize I am in a position of privilege to be able to say this, I could care less about the money.

In the last month of tirelessly planning this inaugural charity craft fair, I have experienced the support of the Vancouver community coming together for local organizations. These amazing local charities who exist primarily because they want to assist another human being in their suffering whether through disease, socioeconomic misfortune or environmental awareness. I have become aware of so many organizations sprouting from one individual wanting to do something to help. So while chaotic and exhausting it has also been so educational and inspirational. The wealth I feel I have obtained through this past month, with the help of my amazing friends voluntarily providing their spare time has just been incredible.

I wish to take this time to thank a whole bunch of people & organizations whom have a part in the success of Vancouver's 1st Charity Craft Fair:

Valuable People
Vancouver City Councillor George Affleck for taking the time to come out to our event. The promptness of Tracy who works at BCIT Meeting & Conferences in booking the space and being especially patient with  my requests. June from Westland Insurance who literally processed my event insurance request in a matter of hours. My sister, Gel, who took care of the entertainment. The highschool volunteers who gave up several weekends to promote the event. And amazing people for volunteering: Junie & Andra, Rachel from Holidays for Humanity, Aman from Urban Impact, Ashleigh from Global Bend and Stacy from Julian Tile.

Scott from Jukebox Printing who received hundreds of emails from me in regards to my inexperience with graphics and print jobs. Urban Impact & Cindy Ferrie who continually provide support in many socially beneficial community events. Mark Brand and his holistic vision of business in Vancouver. Black & Tabby Designs and their promotion support.

Arline from SmellThis! Aromatherapy, Sean from Beauti-Control, Mosadi Jewelry, Ashley Crang Crafts, Craft'd and Heritige & Crius Financial.

Very Important People
Hilary Booth, Adrienne Gairdner & Janick Hayek for literally putting their lives aside for an entire month, voluntarily, assisting with planning and coordinating the success of this event. The success of this event and the fun we had leading to it would not have been the same without each of you.


N.B.:A full report including a breakdown of the financial figures will come this week.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Share & Guess to Win!

Make sure to enter our Share and Guess contest! It’s simple - just share this photo by retweeting or through reposting on Facebook, guess 3 of the street names where our posters have been posted and you’ll be entered to win an amazing Godiva basket provided by Julian Tile!  

Winners will be announced at night on Thursday November 28th and your prize can be claimed on Saturday November 30th between 11:00am and 2:00pm at the downtown BCIT campus!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Vancouver's 1st Holiday Charity Craft Fair

Vancouver's 1st Holiday Charity Craft Fair! Your one stop shop for gifting & contributing to local/global social welfare - Saturday November 30th: 11am-2pm at BCIT Downtown Campus. 

MEDIAN Fundraising is hosting a charity craft fair where you will find gifts for your family and friends while being be able to pay it forward to the less fortunate in our global social community. The organizations being featured provide such an amazing contribution to our society so to keep their costs at a minimum we will also have business vendors selling their products. The following organizations are participating at this event: Shanti Uganda, Beauty Night Society, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of VancouverAtin Afrika FoundationEast Van RoastersGlobal Mothers & more. On site gift wrapping services will be provided with a food/monetary donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

The best part? Admission to the craft fair is through a suggested donation of $5 to cover venue & equipment cost. MEDIAN Fundraising is keeping 0.00 from this event - any additional donations will go to Pancreatic Cancer Canada - our nation's leading research & development center for pancreatic cancer.

Vancouver's first Holiday Charity Craft Fair will be on Saturday November 30th at 11:00 am - 2pm at the convenient BCIT downtown campus located just a few blocks from the Canada Line, Waterfront Station and major transit routes on Seymour & Dunsmuir.

PRE-ADMISSION TICKETS: http://charitycraftfair.eventbrite.com
If you are a charity wishing to obtain table space; a business hoping to take part and or a consumer wanting more information please contact maria@medianfundraising.com for more information. 

xo Maria

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Light the Night

This past year I had devoted a significant amount of my time to assist with organizing the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Vancouver walk. The reason behind this commitment was for a close family friend battling multiple myeloma. And I come out of this 9 month long experience feeling privileged to have been part of a wonderful non-profit organization and have met amazing new friends.
Last night as Sharon Pulse, the patient services manager for the Vancouver Leukemia Lymphoma Society, stood on stage and asked us to spend a minute to remember those we had lost to blood cancer and hundreds of golden lanterns stood in the air. It brought goosebumps and overwhelming emotions within me for those who had lost a loved one. It also reminded me of the loved one I lost to pancreatic cancer. But soon after those holding white lanterns celebrating their survival & red lanterns offering their support also held theirs in the air as they commenced their walk to Light the Night.  

We raised $550K for blood cancer research & patient services with a turn out of 2000 + crowd last night. I came out of the event feeling more grateful and privileged. Thank you for your amazing support!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Value of Time & Money

In our current consumer driven society, we earn money to spend money. We want that lifestyle with the great condo on the beach, where we can drive a luxurious reliable car and most importantly we want a lifestyle that gives us enough time to enjoy everything we've bought with our money. So in the end of this assumption we can conclude that time is more valuable than money.

The statement of time being more valuable than money is even more evident when you're faced with an illness, whether your own or someone you know. My life has been continually affected with people close to me who have been terminally diagnosed with a disease like cancer. Its these situations that I can truly say that time is worth more than money - you can make money but you can't buy time.

It is with this time over money mentality that I push myself to support organizations and charities funding research & development for cancer. Currently, I am assisting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada in BC with their event called Light the Night. The LLSC is a non-profit organization that clearly spends their funds on research & development (check out their website for the latest news).

In every meeting I have attended, while the push has been to organize activities and generate publicity the main focus that has continually been emphasized has been to create an event that celebrates the survivors, unites the fighters and remembers the loved ones lost. I will be walking this event in support for research as one of my family's dearest friend was diagnosed with multiple myeloma late last year.

Please help me with my journey to support research and end blood cancer: donate here

xoxo, Maria

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Median Fundraising Nonprofit Launch Party - Thursday May 30th; 3-7pm

I am so excited and feel privileged to invite you to the Median Fundraising Launch Party coming this May.

Since I was a child I've always witnessed the differences between people whether their culture, socioeconomic background or simply the language they speak. And while noticing the differences I've also been able to see the care and generosity in each and everyone of them. It's amazing how different and yet the same everyone can be. Humanity is so beautiful.

It's been a long process to try and weave what I feel compelled is my life mission, to help others, into a career. It has been such a privilege, although challenging, to get Median conceived and incorporated.

I wish to invite you, your friends and any organization looking for support to come celebrate and learn more about Median Fundraising.

The launch party will be held at the Pint Vancouver on Thursday, May 30th at 3-7pm. Tickets will be $15 and come with a beer & burger.

Please contact me for more event information or for possible event sponsorship opportunity.

In sincere gratitude,

Maria Bernardo

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa

Friday, 8 March 2013

Company Community

Besides your home the next place you occupy the most is your work place.  I can't stress how important a positive work environment can be for the average employee. While income and position rank on top of employment decisions a good work place is also crucial.

A good work place is usually one where your own values match your company's values. It is also very attractive when your company participates in community events.

Currently, aside from MEDIAN, I work at Urban Impact - a commercial recycling company.  It started as a UBC seed project some twenty years ago by Nicole Stefenelli and it is now a successful full functioning recycling company. Its mission is other than just gaining profits but one to ultimately create social good for the environment through providing services and education. It doesn't end there. In addition to the social service UI provides through recycling, it also supports local charities with a charity program but will occasionally will host/attend fundraising events. Last year, Urban Impact donated its Shred Day proceeds to Pancreatic Cancer Canada, the Philippine Red Cross &  the Canadian Breast Cancer Society just to name a few. It truly is such a blessing to be fortunate enough to work for a company with such a great environment.

I can truly say that these are the key factors to employee work satisfaction. If you are searching for a great cause for your company to be involved in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Vancouver is now accepting registration for their Light the Night Walk - a fundraiser for blood cancers. There is nothing better than participating in a good cause to create your company's community.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

MEDIAN Fundraising Launch Party #savethedate

Clear your calendar on Thursday, May 30th from 3-6pm for MEDIAN's launch party! 
(location to be disclosed at a later date)

Event sponsorships available. 

Contact Maria@MEDIANfundraising.com for more information

Thursday, 28 February 2013


There are only a few times in life when crying for joy seems to occur; in my mind it is when you marry the love of your life and when you give birth and hold that life you brought into the world. I have yet to be fortunate enough to experience those milestones BUT I realize that crying for joy also happens once you've succeeded at something you've worked so hard for.

I cried for joy once I opened MEDIAN's certificate of incorporation. I was jumping and crying for five whole minutes! It was one of the greatest feelings I've had in a long time.

Thank you to everyone for all your support, thoughts & prayers. To the board directors for their never ending love and our graphic designer who has done such an amazing job in conveying MEDIAN into graphics.

With sincere gratitude, 

Maria Bernardo
Founder & President

Check out our website: www.medianfundraising.com

Monday, 14 January 2013

Sustaining Medical Responsibility - Philippines

On Friday February 8th MEDIAN will be putting together fundraiser for Sustaining Medical Responsibility - Philippines.

A group of Nurses from B.C. will be voluntarily traveling to the Islands of Kinatarkan and Hilantagaan in Cebu, Philippines to provide health education and assistance with consultation. The mission is in partnership with Santa Fe, Health Ministry headed by Dr. Manalili and Region 7 Philippine National Police Health Sector, headed by Colonel Langcaon MD. They hope to raise $2000 from donations to purchase the medical supplies needed for this trip.

The event will be held at PIVO Public House along Abbott near Pender. Tickets can be obtained wiht a suggested donation of atleast $10.00 and come with a complimentary highball or draft beer.

Contact me for tickets or more information at median.fundraising@gmail.com

Hope to see you then!