Sunday, 1 December 2013

Wealth during the Holidays

Wealth as a Life Goal

During the Holidays is even more evident how important it is to achieve wealth in life. My definition of wealth isn't one intrinsically attached to money. Money is paper --- a piece of fiber, colored, and now stamped with seals. Paper doesn't become of value until we attach value to it. Wealth, for me, is defined as a balance of the money you need to survive and more importantly the people & relationships that give life value. There is no purpose for money -- or dare say, living until we have a purpose in life.  And this is the notion of wealth that I strive to achieve this holiday season.

With the current chaos of organizing a charity craft fair , which initiated with the sole intention of supporting the amazing organizations in our community in time for the holidays, I've been criticized and questioned for not being able to generate a revenue on the event. To be completely honest, I've spent more money than I am expensing on this event. And to be even more honest, while I realize I am in a position of privilege to be able to say this, I could care less about the money.

In the last month of tirelessly planning this inaugural charity craft fair, I have experienced the support of the Vancouver community coming together for local organizations. These amazing local charities who exist primarily because they want to assist another human being in their suffering whether through disease, socioeconomic misfortune or environmental awareness. I have become aware of so many organizations sprouting from one individual wanting to do something to help. So while chaotic and exhausting it has also been so educational and inspirational. The wealth I feel I have obtained through this past month, with the help of my amazing friends voluntarily providing their spare time has just been incredible.

I wish to take this time to thank a whole bunch of people & organizations whom have a part in the success of Vancouver's 1st Charity Craft Fair:

Valuable People
Vancouver City Councillor George Affleck for taking the time to come out to our event. The promptness of Tracy who works at BCIT Meeting & Conferences in booking the space and being especially patient with  my requests. June from Westland Insurance who literally processed my event insurance request in a matter of hours. My sister, Gel, who took care of the entertainment. The highschool volunteers who gave up several weekends to promote the event. And amazing people for volunteering: Junie & Andra, Rachel from Holidays for Humanity, Aman from Urban Impact, Ashleigh from Global Bend and Stacy from Julian Tile.

Scott from Jukebox Printing who received hundreds of emails from me in regards to my inexperience with graphics and print jobs. Urban Impact & Cindy Ferrie who continually provide support in many socially beneficial community events. Mark Brand and his holistic vision of business in Vancouver. Black & Tabby Designs and their promotion support.

Arline from SmellThis! Aromatherapy, Sean from Beauti-Control, Mosadi Jewelry, Ashley Crang Crafts, Craft'd and Heritige & Crius Financial.

Very Important People
Hilary Booth, Adrienne Gairdner & Janick Hayek for literally putting their lives aside for an entire month, voluntarily, assisting with planning and coordinating the success of this event. The success of this event and the fun we had leading to it would not have been the same without each of you.


N.B.:A full report including a breakdown of the financial figures will come this week.

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