Sunday, 14 February 2016

A day for love

On this day we are reminded to celebrate love. I think the Hallmark & Hershey companies of this world have over taken the media and somehow branded this day to be related to buying gifts of chocolate (..etc) for loved ones but to me Valentines day, while it is like any other day, is just an internationally day to recognize those we love in our lives.

So today, I am choosing to recognize the love I have for the people and charities in our community. Median Fundraising was created as a means of providing help to charities/organizations that lacked funding. There are some amazing people doing wonderful things for our community. While I could talk about my love for our volunteers and their desire to organize/plan events to inspire community engagement I am choosing today to talk about Beauty Night Society.

Last night I met with the lovely Caroline MacGillivray, founder of Beauty Night Society. Beauty Night has been a pillar of strength and support in the Downtown Eastside Vancouver Community for 15 years. They've now expanded their programs of wellness throughout the urban centres of the Lower Mainland.

I was just completed blown away by their accomplishments. But what I love about this organization is their mission and their volunteers' ability to see every person as equal within our very polarized society to provide building blocks of self esteem to those who need it most but are often denied it as they are in poverty.

This April 15th we are hosting our annual Live Music Fundraiser for Beauty Night Society and all the wonderful and amazing work they do! Please email us and we'll keep you updated on event details.