Monday, 26 January 2015

It's a brand new year!

Every new year comes with such hope and anticipation of what's to come. And understandably, for some it also comes with a tinge of fear that comes with aging. This past week would have been Noel's birthday and he would have been 12 years old just shy from being considered a 'teen'. I've stopped to think about what he would be like if he were still around, probably still as mischievous as he was when he was eight but I firmly believe he would be so smart; His curiosity and ability to observe would have developed into a deeper understanding of the world and how he can change things for him and his mom. He would have been so brave to do what he believed to be the right thing - he would have turned into an amazing man.

And so, it is the thought of what he would have become that fuels what Median will be this year. There is so much growing that we aim to do and so much support we aim to provide. The last year has been quite the year. We grew so much faster than I ever expected thanks to all our volunteers and supporters.

February 22nd at 1pm we hope to invite all our current and past volunteers, supporters and donors to our Thank You Party and 2 Year Celebration. Venue is still TBA but please save the date.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

We're looking for a new board member!

Median Fundraising is the middle party organization between donors and the organization conducting research or providing direct support to a needy community. We are a non-profit consultation service providing support to organizations financially unable to hire a salaried event planner or fundraising associate. We provide the following services related to fundraising in accordance to ethical standards in event planning/management, campaign promotion and market research. Our goal is to help raise awareness and support research towards issues surrounding health & socioeconomic inequalities that are lacking support. More information on our website:

We value individuals who are:
Passionate about giving back to society;
Collaborative with other members to achieve a communal goal;
Trustworthy & Reliable with those they work with.

We are seeking individuals with experience and knowledge in the following areas:

-       Marketing/Communications
-       Public Relations/Media
-       Finance/Accounting

Board of Director Responsibilities includes
  • Participation in strategic direction for the organization
  • Assist in monitoring the organization’s performance to achieve the vision and mission of Median Fundraising
  • Assess financial viability and sustainability through participation of budget approvals
  • Oversight of organizational financial reports,
  • Assist with formulating and overseeing the constitution & by-laws
  • Prepare for and attend monthly board meetings and participate in quarterly events
  • Build and maintain relationships with external stakeholders including community organizations
  • Collaborate with other Median Fundraising board members to assist in raising funds for the organization as well as other outreach initiatives

Expectations of Board Members
  • Attend & participate during monthly meetings and special events as able.
  • Participate in one major event per year.
  • Help communicate and promote Median Fundraising services, mission and objectives.
  • Every board member is in fiduciary relationship with the Association and is under an obligation to act in the utmost good faith toward the Association in their dealings with or on its behalf.

Length of Terms: One year, which may be renewed pending approval of the board.

Meetings & Time Commitment:
-       The board of directors meets once a month at an agreed upon venue.
-       Committees of the board meet an average of 6-10 times per year, pending their respective agendas.

To apply:
Please send your resume & letter of interest to Maria Bernardo (

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