Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Volunteer in 2014!

It seems to take a holiday season for some people to consider our community. It makes complete sense that it does since now is a time that we spend time with our families and those we love. And so undoubtedly we think of those who aren't able to experience the warmth and love we have ourselves - we act on this feeling of privilege.
This has been the case for me. Being socially aware and empathetic to those who have less has always been in my nature. It stems from a sense of privilege being in an opportunity filled country, having a supportive family and a healthy well being. This is the premise that Median is based on. The feeling of privilege and paying it forward.  If you are also looking for a way to act up on your sense of gratitude or simply want to support your community I would love to meet you!

Median is looking for professionals and new graduates looking for experience who want to give back to society. Volunteer commitments range from being project or event specific to monthly set hours. Please contact me if you are interested at maria@medianfundraising.com

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