Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Value of Time & Money

In our current consumer driven society, we earn money to spend money. We want that lifestyle with the great condo on the beach, where we can drive a luxurious reliable car and most importantly we want a lifestyle that gives us enough time to enjoy everything we've bought with our money. So in the end of this assumption we can conclude that time is more valuable than money.

The statement of time being more valuable than money is even more evident when you're faced with an illness, whether your own or someone you know. My life has been continually affected with people close to me who have been terminally diagnosed with a disease like cancer. Its these situations that I can truly say that time is worth more than money - you can make money but you can't buy time.

It is with this time over money mentality that I push myself to support organizations and charities funding research & development for cancer. Currently, I am assisting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada in BC with their event called Light the Night. The LLSC is a non-profit organization that clearly spends their funds on research & development (check out their website for the latest news).

In every meeting I have attended, while the push has been to organize activities and generate publicity the main focus that has continually been emphasized has been to create an event that celebrates the survivors, unites the fighters and remembers the loved ones lost. I will be walking this event in support for research as one of my family's dearest friend was diagnosed with multiple myeloma late last year.

Please help me with my journey to support research and end blood cancer: donate here

xoxo, Maria

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