Monday, 14 January 2013

Sustaining Medical Responsibility - Philippines

On Friday February 8th MEDIAN will be putting together fundraiser for Sustaining Medical Responsibility - Philippines.

A group of Nurses from B.C. will be voluntarily traveling to the Islands of Kinatarkan and Hilantagaan in Cebu, Philippines to provide health education and assistance with consultation. The mission is in partnership with Santa Fe, Health Ministry headed by Dr. Manalili and Region 7 Philippine National Police Health Sector, headed by Colonel Langcaon MD. They hope to raise $2000 from donations to purchase the medical supplies needed for this trip.

The event will be held at PIVO Public House along Abbott near Pender. Tickets can be obtained wiht a suggested donation of atleast $10.00 and come with a complimentary highball or draft beer.

Contact me for tickets or more information at

Hope to see you then!

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