Sunday, 16 March 2014

In Gratitude

Its been three years since I lost my cousin to pancreatic cancer. Since then, Median Fundraising was created to shine awareness on under recognized causes and support local charities.

Yesterday, with the help of some amazing volunteers and inspirational women Median Fundraising put on a High Tea Social Seminar in support of Pancreatic Cancer Canada. The event featured Sadie St. Denis - Executive Director of the Shanti Uganda, Caroline MacGillivray - Beauty Night Society, Darcy Marquardt - Olympic Silver Medalist & KidSport Ambassador and Amy Beeman of the Beat 94.5 as the master of ceremonies. With live violinists and event sponsors - the High Tea was definitely a highlight of my year.

I don't feel I did a sufficient job thanking the right people yesterday (I was a bit frazzled as the rental company was picking up the tables).  So here we go...

To Sadie, Caroline & Darcy who I am so fortunate to have met this past year - your lives and your generous nature to give back to the community are so inspirational and motivating for me.

To Amy, I am genuinely thankful for your support with this event and for responding to my tweet :) It was truly a pleasure to meet you!

To Patricia & Jeremiah, the music of your violins truly heightened the atmosphere and nature of the event and I am truly grateful.

To Marie of M&M Indulgences, a sentence will never suffice my gratitude for your never ending support; I was told the food was amazing (I forgot to eat yesterday but I have eaten your food countless times) and presentation impeccable.

A great thank you to the event sponsors & contributors who made it possible for our event to raise more funds for pancreatic cancer research - OrcaCoast Playgrounds, Harvey Kemp Kok de Roca-Chan CGAs, Annemarie of Steeped Tea, A&B Partytime Rentals, Upright Decor, Champagne Dreams, Petit Four,  Sweet Rehab, LuvCravings, I Love Macarons, Society Restaurant, the Secret Garden Tea Company, the Shaughnessy, the Vancouver Art Gallery & Urban Impact.

To the Median volunteers, Alyssa, Junie, Jordyn, Janick & Hilary, a great big thank you for your time and efforts in assisting with the event.

And most importantly to the voluntary event planning committee, Adrienne, Alexandra, Amber & Andra, who have spent countless hours over the last two months working to ensure that the event was not just successful but that through it we could truly provide support to Pancreatic Cancer Canada.

This blog or any speech that I make can never fully capture my gratitude for this amazing community.

Maria Bernardo

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