Friday, 13 February 2015

A Valentine's Kind of Love

February 14th has been dubbed by Hallmark as a day to buy presents and whisper sweet nothings to your significant other. It has spiraled to the extreme where singles are now solemnly reminded of the person they are lacking or missing. Instead of rambling about how this will be my first ever Valentines day in a relationship, I want to focus on highlighting the importance of loving yourself. 

When you love yourself everyone around you can sense it. You are genuine with your interactions and sincere with your words. When you love yourself in the most whole way you typically exert as much care about your community, family and friends.  Like being in a relationship, you can take this love for granted. It’s easy to overlook or assume it exists but it’s only after taking good care that you will come to understand it’s value. Here are simple tips that boost your self-love:
  •  Lift those legs! Everyone knows your body physiology influences your health and of course your mind frame. Sticking to a daily work out routine helps boost your self confidence and decreases chances of health diseases. But don’t be too hard on yourself if your schedule right now is to crazy. Little things such as walking to the grocery store or taking stairs instead of the elevator are a great start to creating a routine.
  •  Open those arms! Vancouver is a busy city. Everyone seems to be jetpacking to their next meeting or appointment. Take this time to assess your schedule and ensure you leave yourself enough time to get places. Observe your surroundings, take note of cherry blossoms peaking from their shoots and the moss sprouting from the trees. Open yourself to greeting and acknowledging the person you walk by as they are as much a human being as you are.  
  • Straighten your back! The challenge I present to you is to take the time every week to stare at yourself in the mirror. As you stare into your reflection acknowledge the amazing and wonderful person you’ve become and that you are limitless to anything you want to set your mind to!

Happy Valentine's Day! 


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