Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Charity Craft Fair is back!

The Charity Craft Fair is back this year! Happening on November 22nd at the BCIT Downtown Campus from 10-3pm.

This isn't going to be a repeated promo post about what you will find at the Charity Craft Fair but what I hope the Charity Craft Fair will mean. You see the constant posts on social media and maybe even see the posters at your local cafe constantly expressing how we aim to support local charities and bring our community together. This truly is what I hope this event accomplishes. It is one of life's most beautiful things: watching people help each other out of the goodness of their hearts. There are people within each organization that exist that have made it their career to support low-income seniors, to fundraise for cures and fight against marginalization. These amazing people have found the value of life not in the money they earn but the lives they impact.

Most people who know me might say I'm overly emotional, this might be true, but it genuinely provides so much meaning in my life to be surrounded by these selfless individuals and amazing organizations. I feel truly blessed and grateful to have this opportunity to provide our local charities a cost free venue to showcase what they do.

Come out and see what I am rambling about on Saturday November 22nd from 10-3pm at BCIT Downtown.

xoxo Maria

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