Monday, 2 November 2015

Tis the Season

It's back. The Charity Craft Fair returns this year on Saturday November 21st at the Woodwards Atrium. As always, our aim is to provide holiday shoppers with a socially conscious venue to buy gifts for loved ones. This fair becomes bigger and better every year. It's probably the most fun event that Median Fundraising organizes but it also requires so much work.

The craft fair began three years ago. It was October 31st 2013 and I started thinking about what I would gift for my family. My presents typically included gifts of greater good; for example buying a calf for a village or pencils for a school. I would then attach the slip of paper that said 'I bought a calf for village to provide them with milk for the year as your Christmas present' along with a little trinket. My family valued this more than any set of pyjamas or box of chocolates I could buy them. I thought, I had over done those gifts they were of value but lacked creativity and become generic. Earlier that year we had lost my 8 year old cousin to pancreatic cancer. I wanted to find a way to find a gift that benefited pancreatic cancer research.

I was an avid craft fair goer - always gravitating towards vendors selling beautiful products that funded a social program. And so with this, I called three of some amazing girls I knew at the time and within the span of 3 weeks we planned and executed the very first Charity Craft Fair.

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