Friday, 13 November 2015

World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Today is World Pancreatic Cancer Day. While we seem to have acquired a national celebratory day for almost every day of the year, this one is quite close to my heart.

Social media and our alarmingly small world of a network seems to bombard us daily with what each day is supposed to celebrate. Between National Donut Day to months dedicated to a cause, it's hard for every day people to actually grasp what it is that's happening. To be honest, living in a common wealth leads to social saturation. We are inundated with who and what to support, what to wear and what event to attend. It's quite overwhelming if all you know is life here ... but it becomes different when you know someone, especially a loved one, that has been affected by a deadly disease. Until then it seems that every cause is asking for your support and you have no personal tie to anything. And if that is the case for your situation then you are truly fortunate.

Most of us have lost someone important or know that someone we love is fighting for their lives. It really is a first world problem, and something that I celebrate having, to be rallying support or promoting a cause that doesn't affect us immediately.

Today, I wear purple to show my support for Pancreatic Cancer Canada in raising awareness for pancreatic cancer. When two, three, hundreds of people are wearing something in united stand to raise awareness for a disease that has taken a loved one it is a powerful message. Not everyone knows of this disease. Up until the last four years I didn't know what it was until my eight year old cousin Noel lost his fight to this disease. Soon after Steve Jobs, Patrick Swayze and Jack Poole - the man who helped bring the Olympics to Vancouver. So just wearing purple for me is not enough.

Next Saturday November 21st we have organized the Charity Craft Fair to help raise awareness pancreatic cancer and support research. Please come and invite your friends to do some holiday shopping. We will have Ornaments of Hope available and admission proceeds will be donated to Pancreatic Cancer Canada's research at the BC Pancreatic Centre.

It's a life long mission of mine to spread awareness and support research for pancreatic cancer. It's the only way I feel I can carry on Noel's legacy.

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