Saturday, 12 March 2016

Saturday Morning

This morning I was supposed to have Median Fundraising's Annual General Meeting but due to scheduling conflicts it had to be rescheduled. I have been feeling sad, torn and exhausted with Median. I felt like I was losing my passion.
Instead of the meeting, I dragged myself to a cafe to sit and read everything I could to figure out how to make Median better. In the process of reading I became more and more stressed out with the thought that if I wanted Median to be better it felt like I would be doing all the work - and there is so much of it. I started to question why, why does Median exist? Are we able to fulfill our mission? We want to provide support to struggling local charities and causes but here I was struggling on my own. 
After reading for a solid two hours I decided to take a break and walk down the street. As I walked down Granville I met Inda standing outside a Starbucks asking for change. It was too beautiful of a day to say no but I had no change so instead bought him a cake and a hot chocolate. I said goodbye to Inda (yes I took his photo and he was eager); upon walking out the door the Starbucks barista stopped to thank me and continue to 'pay it forward' with a giftcard.
It was at this moment, that I realized I will always have a natural passion for wanting to help other people whether through Median or my own personal life. And it felt really good to help Inda - not because of the giftcard but because the thought that sharing this story might inspire others to 'pay it forward'.
Median exists to support local community organizations/causes with issues related to  health and socio-economic challenges. And it was through the inception of Median that I wanted to inspire the community to create change. With my momentary exchange this morning I feel reinvigorated to find a way to make sustainable changes for Median - and myself.

In sincerity,

Do you wish to create social impact? Do you want to know more about Median? 

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